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ON MY SOAPBOX….The great american heist



“The plan for this 2020 EVIL COMMUNIST ELECTION HEIST was not hatched overnight. That is for certain. It is a continuation of barack obama’s program to destroy America. They started blending this Devil’s Food Cake when Trump slaughtered Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The only reason Joe Biden was comfortable sitting in his basement while Donald Trump was “working his ass off” is because Biden knew the cake was baked.”



We The People…..

We the People Demand VERIFICATION of Ballots Cast in the 2020 Election.

Click on the link below for the opportunity to sign the VERY IMPORTANT petition.





Thanks to loyal reader D.A. for this article—it pretty much covers the crimes.


The Maxwell Diary.



The Prudent Editor:   What is fools about, LL ?

They Lie Cat:  Here are some lies that high level government employees say, and expect you to believe them.

All votes are equal.  This is stupid.  Without voter Picture ID’s you can’t even verify who is voting.  The BS about minorities being too stupid to have a picture ID is a Democratic racial slur.  States give free identity cards.

John Edwards is a fool if he can’t understand that Trump was referring to Constitutional Judges, and the ones who interpret their own meanings to the document.

This is true. Since Obama, 90+ % of the media is a political arm of the Democrats.  They don’t hide it.  The upper management of the FBI, CIA, and 17 other intelligence agencies are Democratic Buddies.  If you have any doubt, read past issues of The Sphinx.

This is also true, Google, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, and 90% of the electronic media are Democratic.

It is true that there is one system of justice for big time fools.  Review the past from the Clinton’s until now.  Check the judge named sullivan in DC.  The Politicians, The Rich, and Us are the three systems.

Here is a favorite of many of our loyal readers.