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ON MY SOAPBOX…..please make the call….404-656-1776



Georgia’s two Senate races will advance to a January runoff, with control of the upper chamber of Congress hanging in the balance.

Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff will square off once more on January 5th. The other GOP incumbent, Kelly Loeffler and Democratic newcomer Raphael Warnock are also set to face off on January 5th.

With Biden and vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris projected to win the general election, if Democrats manage to pick up both Georgia seats, tying the Senate 50-50, Democrats would effectively be in control, given the vice-president’s ability to cast tie-breaking votes.

We REPUBLICANS CANNOT and MUST NOT allow this to happen.

This is not just about Georgia, people. It is about control of our Senate.

Republicans everywhere…..Please call and ask Georgia Governor Brian Kemp what measures he is taking to assure us that Georgia will have an HONEST run-off election for our senators.


Please make the call, we need assurance that the same shenanigans that have happened in the general election will not happen again.

I repeat, you do not need to be from Georgia to make this call. You only need to be a CONCERNED Republican who wants Republicans to maintain control of our Senate.









Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff races could determine the Senate majority.  Vote in the runoff.  They need to knock on doors between now and January 5.


It’s amazing that only Trump’s swing states/cities have corruption problems.  It was all planed when the mail-in-ballots to everyone was started by the dems.


North Korea’s government is more honest than America’s.  If I could eat tree-bark I might move there.


The Seltzer Editor:  Are we taking commercials for Speedy Alka-Seltzer, LL ?

Hard Hat Cat:  No, NYC had a crane problem, where the Headache Ball wasn’t secured during the Zeta storm.

For our loyal readers not familiar with tall construction cranes, here is some information.

TSE:  That is informative HHC, but where do UFO’s come in ?

Gigi Hadid gave birth to an alien.

Miley Cyrus saw an unidentified object.  The Galactic Traveler told her to sing in her panties and bra.

She is also familiar with construction and cranes.  Oh, the song might be suggestive.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Martian Moon Phobos from Mars Express
Image Credit: G. Neukum (FU Berlin) et al., Mars Express, DLR, ESA; Acknowledgement: Peter Masek

Explanation: Why is Phobos so dark? Phobos, the largest and innermost of two Martian moons, is the darkest moon in the entire Solar System. Its unusual orbit and color indicate that it may be a captured asteroid composed of a mixture of ice and dark rock. The featured picture of Phobos near the limb of Mars was captured in 2010 by the robot spacecraft Mars Express currently orbiting Mars. Phobos is a heavily cratered and barren moon, with its largest crater located on the far side. From images like this, Phobos has been determined to be covered by perhaps a meter of loose dust. Phobos orbits so close to Mars that from some places it would appear to rise and set twice a day, but from other places it would not be visible at all. Phobos‘ orbit around Mars is continually decaying — it will likely break up with pieces crashing to the Martian surface in about 50 million years.

Tomorrow’s picture: in green company

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