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This is good news if the Republicans use their victories to do something.  The Senate has done nothing in two years concerning the attempted overthrow of Trump.  The DOJ has convicted 1 person.  The Durham investigation will never be prosecuted by Kamala/Biden.


This is a good idea.  We have already reported a rumor about Trump’s antibodies being in all the vaccines.

Stomping on the logo always unifies people.


The Wanted Editor:  Are you familiar with the Wanted List, LL ?

Dead Or Alive Cat:  I sure am.  Steve McQueen was an early bounty-hunter on TV.

Here are modern mischief makers.  Frankly, after the Obama/Biden/Hillary attempt to overthrow the government, the top 10 should include FBI, CIA, and DOJ upper management.

Here are a few possible replacements for Kamala’s senate seat.  Replace those couches.

Here is a photo of the Orange Man with his family and another of Kamala.  The watermelon looks like the Virginia Democratic Governor when he wore blackface.

I want paper ballots.  They are the most secure ballots.  Electronic machines are a joke.  It doesn’t even matter if everyone and their pets are mailed ballots, no ID is needed, and signatures aren’t required.

This week’s top ten.

This is a 1979 ten.