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Georgia’s other Democratic running for senator is also a Communist.

This is a new demon, to replace the aging Al Sharpton.  As we all know racism and white-supremacy are the dems calling cards.  The only racism left in America is by individuals and the Democratic Party.

Trump asks Biden to meet him at Dulles International Airport for some important stuff.

It’s just beginning.


Our readers should check out Parler as an alternative social-media-site.  Wikipedia is an arm of the Democratic Party so I believe very little of what they write concerning politics.  If you want censorship, cover-ups, and lies Facebook, Twitter, and Google can’t be beat.


The Devil Editor:  Have you ever seen the Devil, LL ?

Chuck Schumer Cat:  I sure have,  here is one incarnation, just imagine him with little horns and a half goat body with cloven hooves.

Chuckie is too stupid to be the Devil, he is a demon, a bad seed from Lucifer.  The locked basement in the HOR is where the dems grow their creatures.

This is a female Obama left over demon.  Hillary could be a good FBI demon Director, or bring  demon Comey back.

Here is another female demon.  BLM has always been a money-grab.

The Oregon Governor wants neighbors to snitch on their neighbors if they have too many people over for Thanksgiving.  The police are too busy delivering Molotov Cocktails to the rioters and looters to do the job.  The people who voted for her are the same  people who voted Hitler into power.  She is a little demon.

I’m catfused.  Is Sidney Powell ( General Flynn’s attorney ) fighting Satan with Trump/Giuliani or on her own ?  Maybe she got bored waiting on the commie judge sullivan to end the Flynn case, and opened the voting scandal investigation to keep busy.

Speaking of attorneys, an ad in Atlanta explains how this company sent their lawyers to truck-driving school to further their ability to try cases involving big rigs.  It’s a wondrous world.