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This is precious, Biden complaining about the Washington Post and New York Times after their lies put him in office.

The Olympics.


Some money matters at the Olympics.

You would think with the Billions of dollars available to the Olympics that real Gold and Bronze medals would be awarded.


I wonder.


The Twisties Editor:  Do you know about Twisties, LL ?

Upside Down Cat:  I sure do, it’s when your body is not in sync with your brain.  Cats sometimes get stuck in trees. I saw a second baseman in baseball who lost the ability to throw to first base. People, sometimes when driving, don’t remember long stretches of road.  Pilots lose the horizon.  Simone was smart to take time to solve her Twistie problem, it beats being paralyzed by landing on your head.

One other thing, it is like  stepping off a ladder or steps and you forgot the next step is twice as far.  You are prepared for a distance of 7-12 inches and the next rung isn’t there.


Here are some great real estate links.  The rich people in The Hamptons, NY are bitching that richer new neighbors are moving in–pricing the old money group out of some luxuries.

This is odd.

Nothing surprises me.

What a deal.

This is the place to be.  The gang would be smoking some doobies today.

The Vatican owns a few things.

Oprah sells an island.

Pay attention.

This isn’t to make fun of Simone, but here are two more twists.  The windsocks can be used to keep track of your favorite politician’s position on important issues.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Pluto in Enhanced Color
Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Inst.

Explanation: Pluto is more colorful than we can see. Color data and high-resolution images of our Solar System’s most famous dwarf planet, taken by the robotic New Horizons spacecraft during its flyby in 2015 July, have been digitally combined to give an enhanced-color view of this ancient world sporting an unexpectedly young surface. The featured enhanced color image is not only esthetically pretty but scientifically useful, making surface regions of differing chemical composition visually distinct. For example, the light-colored heart-shaped Tombaugh Regio on the lower right is clearly shown here to be divisible into two regions that are geologically different, with the leftmost lobe Sputnik Planitia also appearing unusually smooth. After Pluto, New Horizons continued on, shooting past asteroid Arrokoth in 2019 and has enough speed to escape our Solar System completely.

Tomorrow’s picture: deep galaxy sounds