Bird’s Eye View




The Dems are now just a cult party lead by Communist Bernie (I never had a real job) Sanders and a Marxist bartender from NYC (AOL). There are some good articles on the American Thinker website about the current state of affairs. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that Biden is so bad and so wrong on virtually everything that the old “silent majority” first identified by Nixon is being replaced by a new and much more powerful force called the “angry majority.” The Dems have taken identity politics so far to the left that many of these isolated groups and entities are now uniting together to fight off this plague.

We really will not know until the mid-term elections next year but I sense that another year is going to make the angry majority unstoppable. Hopefully the end result will be a wave election of epic proportions in 2022 and MAGA and the angry majority taking control of the executive branch in 2024. First order of business will be to clean house in Washington before even taking office. You are already seeing hints of what is coming. Pelosi already said that she will likely step down as majority leader after the mid-terms. Fat chance of that happening because she will not even be considered for minority leader. The special elections around the country are showing strong support for anybody by Dems. The few moderate Dems left in Congress will be entirely eliminated in 2022.

Some of the indicators to support the angry majority theory:

You are seeing parents at school board meetings raising hell about CRT, gender issues, and masks. When a state like Oregon passes a law that high school students no longer need to show proficiency in basic skills in order to graduate, then our education system has failed miserably.

You are seeing the Dems lose court challenges on policies and regulations on a regular basis. A federal judge just ruled that Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for illegals must be put back in place.

Biden is begging Saudi Arabia to pump more oil after shutting down US drillers. They are laughing in his face! They spent the last 18 months raising prices and are not about to give that back. What goes around comes around.

The Producer Product Index just reported the largest increase ever recorded for this country. That will soon translate into much higher consumer prices. People still vote their pocketbooks.

Only 20% of the population believe the infrastructure bill actually is for things like roads, bridges, the electrical grid, etc. The bait and switch tactics used by Dems has been exposed.

Gun sales continue to set records despite the Dems efforts to ban guns. Women and minorities created the two largest increases.

You are seeing state audits of elections like never before and the ugly fraud is being exposed. Some of these audits are soon going to result in criminal charges.

You are seeing Democrat governors in CA, NY, and VA fighting for their lives. MI and PA Dems are also being held accountable, like never before.

The border crisis is starting to take a toll on the Dems. By next year it will likely be to a point where even blue districts will be revolting. Once the real numbers on drug-related deaths are reported, the illegal drugs associated with the border will  become a top issue in 2022.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride. The momentum is with the angry majority. People are finally saying, enough is enough. The country has been through these periods before and each time the freedom-loving aspects of our country have prevailed. This time will be no different. In the end, common sense will be much stronger than government control of your every thought and action.




Another portrait adorns the wall

One day, PINO Biden’s official portrait will hang in the National Portrait Gallery. It will be created by his Blow & Snort Artist son, Hunter. The little engraved plate above the portrait will read: 

#46 Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr

The only president who, upon inauguration, could hide his own Easter eggs.

-Sheila Tolley-

I Do Believe…

“I am convinced that this old Battle-Axe got all WINED up and passed out in a monsoon of acid rain.”

-Sheila Tolley-

Come ponder with me….

“In days of frowns, gloom and doom, (like our current days with Joebama)…I like to ponder the yesterdays of smiles, cheerfulness and optimism. It keeps me sane.”

-Sheila Tolley-