ON MY SOAPBOX…Intentional catastrophes



Every idiotic, Anti-American decision that Joe Biden has made since the Democrats stole their way into the presidency, was pre-planned by people much smarter than PINO Biden. I could list them all, but we are all sick of hearing about the destruction of our Great America.

Sure, it started with the Chinese Flu. The Dems had already tried everything, including two impeachments, to eliminate Donald Trump. They simply could not slow down The Trump Train. So the Dems called in their most most powerful ally, China.

Xi Jinping then went to his Fauci Funded Wuhan Microbiology Lab. He gathered his Covid petri dish and moved it to the front burner, so to speak.

We all remember Senile Biden’s first Stolen day in office. He destroyed every executive order that was originated by The Great Donald Trump.

Things moved along, just as obama planned.

The following is only my opinion. I have been wrong many times in my life and trust me, I will be wrong many more times.

Just think about the many ways that Dems have used to destroy America’s values, morals and Christian (In God We Trust) beliefs.

I personally think the Afghanistan fiasco was the last PLANNED move in obama’s chess game with PINO Biden.  Even the Dems, MSM, the Gods of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon cannot condone this fiasco. They cannot PUBLICLY support the optics of Americans being mistreated and held for ransom in a foreign country.

My prediction: This will be the obama/Dem (pre-planned) moment when PINO Joe Biden gets a ride on The 25th Amendment.

To be honest with you, V-PINO Harris probably knew what day she would be returning to America on the day she day she left for Vietnam.

Checkmate, obama.


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