This Toon Says It All


“…and what if Trump introduced his sister as his wife on stage and thought he was speaking in Vermont when he was actually in New Hampshire?”

-Sheila Tolley-



Part of Trump’s rally.


Here is Joe’s safe Kabul. He has mental issues—-Impeach Him.

The State Department is hacked again.  The feds need a thorough house cleaning.


Take the lawbreakers salary.


Biden and Pentagon advise West Point, just send the 73 cheaters straight to the White House and Pentagon we won’t have to show them how to lie and cheat.


Biden is ill, and incompetent.   Impeach Biden—Impeach Biden


This is a repeat, everything looks planned to create a disaster.

The Karen repellent won’t apply to the new New York Governor.


New York is lost.

Sphinx readers already knew this.

CNN will get another Nobel Peace Prize.


The Paranormal Editor:  What is Remote Viewing, LL ?

The Remote Viewing Cat:  That’s when you see the future or past in your mind.  It is similar to dreaming.

TPE:  What made you think of it, TRVC ?

I do it all the time, but this article from Maureen Dowd  reminded me of  Barack & Michelle.  It was at their super spreader party on Martha’s Vineyard in their 14 million dollar mansion.

They would like nothing better than to be Gatsby and Daisy.

Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louie XVI.  She reportedly said ” let them eat cake ” when told the people were starving, not even having bread to eat.  She and Louie both had their heads chopped off by the Guillotine, during the revolution.  She was the last French Queen.

This is the type of people who are Obama ( Gatsby duo ) associates.  I wonder if he had security check if they needed a bath.  Joe might have been there sniffing the women.  The Lem-onn guy the men.

This Gatsby guest is notable for two reasons, the letters of her name were selected out of a bingo game drawing, and mentioning the sacred nature of the occasion—sacred implies deity/God.

TPE:  For our busiest loyal readers, what is your point, TRVC ?

These are some of the limousine liberals that want you to pay 6 dollars for gas, turn off the air conditioning in the Summer, and give your money, kids, property, and soul to the MSM/BLM/Antifa destroy America crowd.

Have you seen any politicians with three houses, or the Private Jet crowd give up their future/fortunes ?  I like these two links to close the Great Gatsby special.  Watch the 1974 version.

This is the fifth week the French have marched for their freedom.