Eric Clapton “This Has Gotta Stop”

Windows Frozen

From Our Beautiful Yesteryears

Watch this and confirm your paranoia…

Here Is The Video Link By Dr. Peter McCullough That Is Changing Minds About The ‘Vaccines.’ You may decide to watch this in segments, but I think you really want to hear these facts.

Ask yourself:

Why did doctors and hospitals refuse to treat COVID patients until they were too sick to be saved?

Why did they prevent the doctors who wanted to assist from helping the sick?

Why are ineffective and obviously very dangerous experimental vaccines being forced on people who don’t need them?

Why did they remove an effective medicine from the shelves and insist that it require a prescription?

Why was Rand Paul suspended from YouTube when he CORRECTLY accused Dr. Fauci of funding the virus in congressional hearings?





These American Service Members deaths are Biden’s responsibility.

This is the only officer I have seen who put his honor and future on the table by speaking out about a disaster.  None of the JCS put their medals on the table and threatened to go public because of a terrible decision.  They still listen to Biden lie and do nothing.  They are the WOKEST.

Scheller should run for HOR or the Senate, Trump would support him.


Louisiana readers should be prepared for Ida.


Sirhan Sirhan was granted parole.  If you read the evidence he is innocent.  They found 2 more bullets than his gun would hold.  Kennedy was shot behind the ear from a distance of one INCH.


Impeach Biden for dereliction of duty in Kabul and our Southern Frontier.


Joe says his staff or Xi Jinping tells him who to call on for questions.


Biden will say the Americans he abandoned in Kabul wanted to stay there—sure, have you seen the photos ?  He will also claim that less than the 8,000 missing were abandoned.  He is using a 1,500 figure now.

This works better for Kabul.


Chevrolet recalls ALL Bolts ever made.

The Maxwell Diary.


It sounds like Portland and New York.

Don’t forget to monitor the voting stations.


Only N95 masks are worth wearing.

Deposed leaders don’t worry.


Little Big Horn Editor:  How bad was the Kabul withdrawal by Joe’s WOKE Generals and civilian advisors, LL ?

7th Calvary Cat:  I’m no military expert, but this will go down in American Military History as ” worse than Custer at The Little Big Horn. “

There are thousands of articles on Custer.   The Biden Fiasco will outlive Custer’s failure.  According to this article Custer had some incompetent officers.

No one knows how many innocent people will die.  Allies weren’t notified, about 60,000 total Americans and Afghans were abandoned.  Tens of Billions of advanced weapons were left for the terrorist.  No ally will trust us now.  The Generals are Woke, in 20 years they couldn’t train the Afghan army.  Trump’s plan is the next link.

The Southern Frontier, Inflation, Flu, crime, and everything else he and the dems touch is in worse shape than Kabul.  Are you seeing shortages when shopping or eating out ?  Vote Democratic.

Biden has a victory.

All pardons and clemency grants should be done within 90 days of anyone’s FIRST term in office.