Good Night Now…Everyday People

Sly & The Family Stone were a great utopian experiment in pop music. This was a band born out of the cultural chaos of the late-’60s that reflected that chaos back on the world and turned it into something positive. The Family Stone had black members and white members, men and women, everyone playing different roles. Rock ‘n’ roll and R&B had been traveling in different directions for a few years before the Family Stone came along — aided by radio formatting and media that seemed determined to separate white music from black music — but this band brought them back together, turning them into a wild stew where everything bled into everything else.


Some Good Toons


You Are Not Going Crazy…

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No, No….You are not going crazy! WordPress retired the theme I was using on Tolley’s Topics. I had to change to another.

They will probably insist that I remove the word “DAMN TRUTH” from my header next.

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I appreciate your patience during this transition.

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His last words are REMEMBER THAT…


Keep The Faith…there are real cowboys out there