A Unique Challenge

There’s a new ‘Challenge’ going around; where one holds a Basketball in one hand, and then places an open Bottle/Can  of Beer on-top of the Ball. Then, you drop the Basketball, and try to catch the Beer as it bounces back-up; . . . then, of course… you Chug-it.

Carrie Underwood…Stretchy Pants

God Bless America

A Special Time for Thanks | Happy thanksgiving images, Happy thanksgiving  pictures, Thanksgiving images
We at Tolley’s Topics are thankful for your support and contributions throughout the past decade.
-Sheila Tolley-



Biden wire, once called razor wire, is the new national symbol.  Biden will add it to the Presidential Seal.


Call the looters/thieves/crooks in California undocumented shoppers.


Our armed forces are paid so little that a 6 % inflation makes thousands more eligible for food stamps.  Lloyd Austin, once you get the White Supremacist locked up, what about a 15 % pay raise.  You SUX–You and Milley.


The Navy and Marines should request the same treatment as illegals.


News organizations haven’t changed.




Missing Peng Shuai has turned up.





The Thankful Editor:  Are you ready for some turkey, LL ?

The   Cat:  I sure am.  I have to eat quickly, before the L-tryptophan  makes me sleepy.  Here is a little history.



Don’t forget the Macy’s Parade. 


This is a Tar Heel’s old timey thanks.


Morning Smiles

Astronomy Picture of the Day

At the Shadow’s Edge
Image Credit & Copyright: Jean-Francois Gout

Explanation: Shaped like a cone tapering into space, the Earth’s dark central shadow or umbra has a circular cross-section. It’s wider than the Moon at the distance of the Moon’s orbit though. But during the lunar eclipse of November 18/19, part of the Moon remained just outside the umbral shadow. The successive pictures in this composite of 5 images from that almost total lunar eclipse were taken over a period of about 1.5 hours. The series is aligned to trace part of the cross-section’s circular arc, with the central image at maximum eclipse. It shows a bright, thin sliver of the lunar disk still beyond the shadow’s curved edge. Of course, even within the shadow the Moon’s surface is not completely dark, reflecting the reddish hues of filtered sunlight scattered into the shadow by Earth’s atmosphere.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space