Good Night Now…Yellow Submarine


Yippee: Faith Filled Shows! by Yippee Entertainment, Inc. (U.S.)

“This is like a Post-Veteran’s Day Announcement, Pre-Thanksgiving Blessing and Early-Christmas Gift….All rolled into one. Do you remember that Red Wave we have heard so much about in 2022?
Y’all bring it on in, boys!”
-Sheila Tolley-

Fast & Accurate

This guy speaks the truth very quickly….I hope you will pass it on.
-Sheila Tolley-

Hey Joe…Brilliant Protest Song

Hey Joe | Brilliant protest song…






This is the plan.


The media can’t hide the price of food, gas, and heating oil from everyone.  The people in Northern States might freeze  to death in a few weeks.   Vote Democratic–set that thermostat on 41 degrees.

It’s funny, these jokers are part of the problem.  They aren’t worried about citizens, but their reelection chances.


Joe has defied 2 Supreme Court rulings in his 10 months.  I hope he doesn’t die today.

China is getting prepared.  Coal is their energy of choice.

Brian will be missed by the other liars at NBC.


Here is some forgotten history of the NYC subway, and a bonus about strange stories.

The Baldwin Diary.  A different viewpoint is shared.

Jake is a snake.  Biden will probably promote him.  Durham is earning his money.


The dems sux.  The only people innocent to the dems are the Communist Chinese.

These two will be in the news forever.  Is the Duchess registered as a lobbyist?


Face The Music Editor:  Do cats remember faces, LL ?

Two faced Cat:  We do, but some people are unbelievable.

Here are some country music faces.

I think this woman looks better with a little surgery.  At least she didn’t go to Mexico for the surgery.

I assume most magazine and other pictures are photo shopped, except people like Biden and Pigelosi who can’t be helped.

Here is a game Joe plays when he or one of his henchmen sees an unvaxxed citizen.  His numbers keep dropping, maybe he will fall so low that we won’t recognize his face.

Food stores also play it.

This is the version Hillary, Joe, Nancy, and Schumer play on law abiding citizens.  This is a BLM trainee getting ready for the 2022 election–2020 was a success for them.

I’m glad to see DeSantis call out the corporate media dung beetles.

Be one with the climate and Earth.  The dems sling more mud than anyone.

Let’s put the dems and MSM on the road.