Kyrsten  can ask Tulsi Gabbard how far the dems will go to keep power.

Loudoun Virginia school officials don’t report rapes of children, and the pharmacies give the wrong vaccines.

Once again, California leads the way–Liberals can’t change their spots.


It’s tough to win.

Rodgers–go figure.


Kamala wants to know if trees are racist.

This trial is in Wisconsin, the Chicago police have had time off cancelled.


The Spider Editor:  What’s new, LL ?

Watch Out Cat:  There are enough news bits to keep LGB awake.  The first,  is the movie set for the movie ” Rust ” snake or spider bit ?

I bet with a few puppies Fauci could gain-of-function the Recluse Spider venom.

A wine shortage is predicted—the dems will have an excess of whine.

A citizen was arrested for a ” see the man ” call in Missouri.  The original call was for nasty hair.

This was preventable.

You can’t keep a good crook down.

A happy ending, I think.




Morning Smiles


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Light Pillar over Volcanic Etna
Image Credit & Copyright: Giancarlo Tinè

Explanation: What happening above that volcano? Something very unusual — a volcanic light pillar. More typically, light pillars are caused by sunlight and so appear as a bright column that extends upward above a rising or setting Sun. Alternatively, other light pillars — some quite colorful — have been recorded above street and house lights. This light pillar, though, was illuminated by the red light emitted by the glowing magma of an erupting volcano. The volcano is Italy‘s Mount Etna, and the featured image was captured with a single shot a few hours after sunset in mid-June. Freezing temperatures above the volcano’s ash cloud created ice-crystals either in cirrus clouds high above the volcano — or in condensed water vapor expelled by Mount Etna. These ice crystals — mostly flat toward the ground but fluttering — then reflected away light from the volcano’s caldera.

Tomorrow’s picture: meteor flow