Good Night Now…Devil with a Blue Dress On

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ON MY SOAPBOX…Fret Not, My Friends



No need to worry, my fellow Americans,  a  3,000 mile extension cord comes with each new electric car. You simply plug it into your fossil-fuel-fed electrical outlet at home before leaving for work, vacation or to go all the way across America.

Word on the street is that Clown Biden & Associates have placed the order with China for the 286 million extension cords necessary for American drivers.

I sure hope Xi Jinping sends our extension cords by plane. It could be bad news if they get caught up in Biden’s Boat Parade in the Pacific Ocean.

With the Liberal Global Warming Winter Season approaching, we could actually freeze to death on the way to work.

Just like those windmills in Texas last year.



I love this meme so much…..I am giving it a space all to itself!
-Sheila Tolley-







We hope no one dies–in The West Wing.

New York Democratic, Liberalism, with media support is great.


The Epstein-Prince Andrew Diary.  Ghislaine Maxwell thought for sure that her trial was starting last month, but Bill Clinton recovered.


Let’s do this.


People who voted for Democrats voted for BLM/Antifa, open borders,open voting stations, disaster, and inflation—they have it.  Enjoy it.


The Supremes have had 9 months to view these exemptions.  Pass a law where they have to take a drug test every week.


If you check the Amish’s health records many diseases are almost nonexistent.

The MSM knew Joe had mental problems a year ago, that’s why he stayed in his basement for a year.


These runny-sores owe big bucks to us.

The companies will do anything for a buck.  Just say no.


The Slur Editor:  What is our slur of the week, LL ?

The Calico Cat:  I’m reluctant to even mention it, much less actually print this special slur.  If you are sensitive to words that can hurt, you might want to go to our weather report.  Here it is.

Almost justice.

Trump Jr. thanked the Bezos Washington Post for correcting a quote.

TSE:  Maybe we should print one list of slur-words, LL.  It could help our befuddled loyal readers ( except in Oregon ) avoid embarrassing situations.

TCC:  That’s a good idea.  Some of our new readers might want to know that we have never used slurs or been owned by slave owners, like The New York Times.

One list of slurs.  These are by ethnicity, take them for what they are worth.  Wikipedia is a group of Christian, family, patriot, Old Glory, White, family hating Marxist, commies, socialist, beagle puppy killing, Democrats.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot stole her name from Native Americans, it’s cultural misappropriation.

Remember, we have too many Chiefs and not enough Native Americans.  The Traitor Chief of the JCS is one.


Tuesday’s Smiles….


Animal Friendships…Part Four

Baby Elephant And Ostrich’s Friendship


Anjana The Chimpanzee And Tiger Cubs


Unexpected Friendships Are The Best Ones




The Start Of An Awesome Friendship!


1 Peter 2:2 Inspirational Image