ON MY SOAPBOX…Fret Not, My Friends



No need to worry, my fellow Americans,  a  3,000 mile extension cord comes with each new electric car. You simply plug it into your fossil-fuel-fed electrical outlet at home before leaving for work, vacation or to go all the way across America.

Word on the street is that Clown Biden & Associates have placed the order with China for the 286 million extension cords necessary for American drivers.

I sure hope Xi Jinping sends our extension cords by plane. It could be bad news if they get caught up in Biden’s Boat Parade in the Pacific Ocean.

With the Liberal Global Warming Winter Season approaching, we could actually freeze to death on the way to work.

Just like those windmills in Texas last year.


2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Fret Not, My Friends

  1. Good stuff. When the range gets to 800 miles, I might consider. OBTW..Texas now has the richest Alien on the planet living and producing in Austin. Elon Musk and Space X. How cool. I see a lot of Teslas around Fort Worth.

  2. I still would not consider one as today’s infrastructure will not be able to support them, nor will tomorrow’s.

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