Saturday Funnies

Knock, Knock…Hello…Anyone Home?

Is it possible that someone can wake PINO Biden from his tenth nap of the day? Can you inject him with…whatever you inject him with to keep him awake for five minutes? Just tell him it is a new Booster Covid Vaccine. He will roll up that sleeve and smile for the camera. Can you assist him in walking over to his computer and turn it on for him?

Perhaps he can stay awake long enough to watch this little video.


Pardon My Crass Question, but….


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Tonight Daylight Saving Time ends–at 2:00  AM Sunday morning.  Before going to bed Tonight set your clocks Back, Back, Back one hour.  Do it early, before getting drunk or strung out on dope.  You don’t want to wake up late with a bed mate who is democrat ugly.

Bee sex.

The R’s should spend some big bucks on these races.


De Blasio is dipping his departing beak.


The Navy updates a Nuclear Attack Submarine accident. A seamount is an underwater mountain.

Pigleosi makes a deal with Manchin.

 A jet pack sighting was probably a balloon.


The Question Editor:  Are you up for some questions, LL ?

Marginal Information Cat:  I sure am.  I’m in Virginia voting, hurry up, so I can vote again before it gets as dark as Governor Northam’s Black Face.

TQE:  Our first question is from Omar el Shazam Mohamed from the UAE–should I get solar panels, and do they have to be cleaned ?

Get everything in writing from the salespeople, manufacturer ( China ), and your electric provider.  If everything works out they can save you some Dirhams.  They do need to be cleaned, you can’t use a pressure washer like CNN & MSNBC use to clean their talk show hosts.  Here is some helpful information.

If you have the bigger array of panels you can arrange them to spell names, like at football games.  One company has panels that spell different things between 70 & 80 degrees it might read FJB with all the letters.  Between 81 and 90 it would change to Nancy Pigleosi, etc. 

TQE:  Do you still feel America is doomed, MIC ?

MIC:  Yep, I am thinking sooner rather than later.  It’s like a dysfunctional family, the parents went on vacation and the dope addict kids trashed the house, sold the valuables, and invited their sleazy friends to come over and burn it down.

TQE:  Did the Red Tide sweeping across much of America change your doomsday outlook, MIC ?

Not really, I have added a clock to America, like the doomsday nuclear clock.  The elections only stopped the advancement.

Here are our clock observers,  all want to be buried in Ghana with their Kente Cloth.

This is Joe’s economy.  The dems are champs.

Cher won’t go away.  If she gets more senile she can run for President.  Here is her Elizabeth Warren song.  She is appropriating Native American Culture.




Photos to lighten your mood…Part Four