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Still trust the FDA? This is why you shouldn’t…

I don't trust the FDA anymore is going to lead to major issues | by Richard A Meyer | Medium







Have you heard about the phenomenal Southwest pilot who closed his Welcome Aboard greeting with Let’s Go Brandon?   (The link follows this post.)

I don’t even know this pilot, but I love him.

I think Let’s Go Brandon should be the final sentence of every pilot’s greeting. It would also be a nice closing for the crew after they point out the emergency exits.

AND…most important of all….they simply must have a new, very intoxicating drink from the bar…called: Let’s Go Brandon. Or simply, LGB for short. The Liberals should not complain too bad…it contains 3/5 of their LGBTQ acronym.

It would require a new glass, of course. (Which will definitely become a Collector’s Item.) On one side it should have this etched  logo: No Drugs Allowed Icon On White Background No Needles Warning Sign No  Syringe Symbol Medical Syringe Icon In Red Circle Stock Illustration -  Download Image Now - iStock

And on the other side, the new famous phrase Let’s Go Brandon. You could even offer a Top Shelf Choice with a  very nice Swizzle Stick boldly engraved with FJB.

Gold plated?  Absolutely!

Listen Up Folks, I am an  entrepreneur. Someone needs to jump on these suggestions and get these items into production.

Please make them in America. If not, they will be ‘held hostage’ on a ship in the Pacific Ocean until the Looney Tune Democrats are through with their Biden Manipulation Program. They will eventually stretch him out on that 25th Amendment Gurney and take him to the HOME. They will just tell him they are taking him for a Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone.


“I suggest someone put a big FJB mask on Juliette Kayyem to cover up her Big Mouth.”


CNN analyst suggests every passenger on that ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ flight file a complaint with the FAA



These are probably extra firehouses, anyway–just like police stations.


This Democrat is a POS, just like Pigleosi and Biden.


This is what the majority of Americans should be fighting.  Mostly it’s dems or radicals of one shade or another. It includes your woke companies.

Why aren’t the woke politicians, MLB, and companies boycotting the World Series ?  It was and is a scam to let union teachers decide what your kids are taught in school.


The Sphinx has located Hunter-XI-Ping-Biden’s inspiration for his art.

This would be great in Oregon public schools, without math, English, and reading they have 3 open hours.

Fauci wants to teach puppy torture in schools, or at the gay-bar if that’s where the 10 year old kids are.


Atlanta is about to lose one of its richest areas.  The airport can only support so-many kick-back woke contractors.

A Florida school board member escorts an elementary school class to a gay bar.


The Pubic School Editor:  Are the wokers trying to take over what your kittens are taught, LL ?

The See No Evil Cat:  They sure are, this Virginia governor’s race will tell us something.

People of all races should be marching in protest at their local school boards. 

This is an attempt of the FEDS to take over more state guarantees, just like voting guidelines.  The schools are a good example.

Maybe eco-friendly sex can be taught.

Hank ( Guam ) Johnson might have some suggestions, condoms are just balloons.  If he can’t help the second link can.

Hillary as President-witch.

An Elton John spider is discovered in Australia.


Animal Friendships…Part Three

These Best Friends. Even The Look In His Eyes Is Adorable.


Comforting A Friend


Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly


Meet Herman, The Flightless Pigeon And His Best Friend Lundy, The Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk


Give Us Back Our Friend


Today, At Doggy Daycare, My Dog Made A New Best Friend!

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