More Smiles For You…




Looters in California aren’t stealing.  It is a racist word.

Egyptians sell killer scorpions to Fauci, he wants the venom to use in a gain-of-function taxpayer funded non-profit.

CBS is just another WOKE-Bigot organization.  Their FCC license should be revoked.

Be a Republican.

Get informed.


Biden and his boot lickers use Squid Game as a guide to exterminate all nonbelievers as they try to find food.

Internet rumors persist that Chris Christie has swapped places with Kim Jong Un.  One will challenge Trump for influence and a Presidential run in 2024.

I hope they save enough water for Joe’s 1.7 million new illegals per year.

Guilty verdict votes arrive in Kenosha.  Stacy Abrams the Governor-in-exile-of-Georgia has no knowledge of the chicanery.


The Foreign Policy Editor:  Are you knowledgeable on foreign affairs, LL ?

I Know A Bunch Cat:  Erik Swalwell the California HOR member knows more, he was sleeping with Fang Fang.  She was a commie spy.  I know more about it than I do about monkeys.  I know that if you leave behind thousands of Americans and 27 Billion dollars in military equipment in Kabul, that no good can come of it.  The Kabulanese want more Billions that we have on hold.

Joe is letting the Communist Chinese take over The Bahamas.

Joe sells out Taiwan to the Communist Chinese.  The Chinese Navy photos look like the ships in California waiting to be unloaded.

Our military is an incompetent woke Kabul abandoning joke.  Let Milley and Austin save us.  Will the Chinese put up with the Liberal BLM Crap ?  They would be making Nikes for fifty cents a day.

Joe let the Ruskies blow up a satellite in space.  It spread thousands more pieces of junk that can knock out satellites and the space station.    Any war or critical endeavor should not depend on communications from satellites.

There is more trash and junk now in space than a San Francisco street.

Space stories.