Good Night Now…Pencil Thin Mustache


All the people in Tolley’s Topics Readerland know you can trust me on this:

My Circle is so small that I cannot even stand in it.

-Sheila Tolley-

Happy Dogs Are Such Fun….



A beautiful Beaver Moon.  It must be fate.

This is what the dems want–to control your children’s minds.


We hope our loyal readers in these areas have enough fuel oil for the Winter Blast.

We will miss Nancy.  I hope she winds up in the ICU with more tubes than one of Fauci’s puppies.

Trouble is brewing in Europe.

We want Miriam to put a couple of Billion on Republican candidates—to offset Bezos and Zuckerrat.


This is Nancy Pigleosi’s future.

Joe looks like Emperor Palpatine when he is at the beach.

BLM shout “all lives matter.”


The XX Editor:  Do you really know what women think, LL ?

The XX Cat:  I’m female so I know a little of what human XX’s think.  Memory is an important part of humans, especially women.  Here is what some evolution scientist think about the origins of memory.

TXE:  That is pretty complicated, do you have a simple diagram of women’s minds, TXC ?

Our archives indicate that memory is/was part of humans from the beginning.  Here are some examples of  female memories with synapses included.  We don’t know how they work, but they do.

You can see that some are simple like Nancy Pigleosi’s, Maxine’s, and other retarded specimens.

Joe’s nomination for the Comptroller of the Currency is not only a commie, but a shoplifter.  In today’s San Francisco she wouldn’t have been arrested.

Here are some current thoughts of modern women.

HOR California Democrat Eric Swalwell wanted this commie to replace Fang Fang.

One break for the XY’s is that with the big butts of the Kardashin’s, their men don’t have to lie anymore when their women asks: Do these jeans make my butt look too big ?

This is a movie of what women want.

This is about Hollywood.

We have two songs today.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Introducing Comet Leonard
Image Credit & Copyright: Dan Bartlett

Explanation: Here comes Comet Leonard. Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) was discovered as a faint smudge in January 2021 when it was out past Mars — but its orbit will take the giant shedding ice-ball into the inner Solar System, passing near both Earth and Venus in December before it swoops around the Sun in early January 2022. Although comets are notoriously hard to predict, some estimations have Comet Leonard brightening to become visible to the unaided eye in December. Comet Leonard was captured just over a week ago already sporting a green-tinged coma and an extended dust tail. The featured picture was composed from 62 images taken through a moderate-sized telescope — one set of exposures tracking the comet, while another set tracking the background stars. The exposures were taken from the dark skies above the Eastern Sierra Mountains, near June Lake in California, USA. Soon after passing near the Earth in mid-December, the comet will shift from northern to southern skies.

Tomorrow’s picture: moon building


Morning Smiles