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3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Understand this reply; I hate the man about as much as any American can. But I do have pity on his soul. His family of grifters and the Democrats have taken a sick old man and are using him to further their sick agendas. These Dems aren’t our parents Roosevelt Democrats; this incarnation is pure evil bred and birthed behind the gates of Hell. Biden is riddled with Dementia, displaying all the classic signs, but the MSM is in on the fix and refuses to acknowledge his condition. I have lost many nights’ sleep worrying about our country and what will happen in two years. The Repubs may gain control of the hill, but it will be too late. I fear civil war, or at best, civil insurrection from city to city. So, as we say here in Texas, keep your powder dry and your gun greased. God Bless Texas and Davey Crockett.

    • Hi Phil….Biden has been a Dem his entire life, and a non-productive one at that. He is a political thief who has condoned, profited from and covered up every sham his crooked son Hunter has managed to create. They are all on The Family Plan. Just like the Clinton’s. All riding on the Taxpayer Train, for free. As far as his SOUL goes…that is on him and him alone. He brags about being a Devout Catholic, just like Piglosi, yet they both strongly support abortion. The Catholic Church classifies abortion as a grave sin (murder) because the Church supports the idea that human life starts at conception. I agree with you…keep your powder dry and your gun greased. I say, “God Bless Republican America and all Democrats who wise up and switch parties, like President Reagan.

      Above all, Phil…y’all take care of those cows for your fellow-RepublicanS. We still want hamburgers & steaks, no matter what AOC preaches.

      I cannot believe Beto found his skateboard again..but I know you Smart Texans will not let that happen.


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