ON MY SOAPBOX….No batteries needed

Capitalism is a wonderful thing. When I get bored, I can always think of a new adventure that will make me millions of dollars. Don’t laugh. Remember…once upon a time, Mattel made the very first Barbie Doll. Barbie was followed by Ken, friends, wardrobes, doll houses, doll house furniture, doll vehicles, etc.

Here is my idea. I am going to produce Democrat Voo Doo Dolls. Are you laughing yet? I am so excited. I have already made my first prototype. I have had a few set-backs but I will get past them.

My first doll is State Of The Union VOO DOO Nancy Pelosi.

As Pelosi’s first outfit, I chose to swath her in the same boring blue dress she wore to Biden’s SOTU Comedy Hour.

Like I said, I have had a few setbacks with my first production. As you will recall, when Biden mentioned the toxic smoke in Afghanistan, Nancy obviously had an orgasmic reaction in the background. She jumped up and started rubbing her fists together like the cannibalistic witch who was excited about throwing Hansel and Gretel into the oven.

We are all aware that Frisky Nancy is hooked on toxic smoke since she lives in California, The Land of Burning Acres. My production problem is capturing some of the California Toxic Fumes in order to jump-start Frisky Nancy’s orgasm in my Voo Doo dolls. I knew immediately that I had to strike a deal with Mother Nature and seal some confidential contracts with the most prominent California wildlife creatures.  

I chose the Rattle Snake, Black Widow and Recluse Spiders. I am not talking about those that are elected….I am speaking of the real ones. They are now making daily deliveries of toxic smoke which they have stored for years to support inventions like my new dolls. I love Mother Nature.

My next problem was a power source to maintain Frisky Nancy’s orgasms. Xi Jinping refused to sell me batteries because he loves and literally supports Frisky Nancy’s entire family. I cannot use American fuel because Biden is reserving our fuel in case Putin runs out and needs to import ours to sell back to us. What shall I do?

Let me think. I need to have a source that will never be depleted. A source that is continually renewed.

I KNOW! Democrat Bull Shit!

Let’s clean that up a little since it will not look impressive on my SOTU FRISKY NANCY VOO DOO DOLL  boxes and brochures.

Powered by DBS.

Place your orders now for the Fist-Pumping-Fast-Jumping-Biden-Humping FRISKY NANCY SOTU VOO DOO DOLL.


Chuck Schumer liked my SOTU Pelosi Doll so much…that he almost clapped.

4 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX….No batteries needed

  1. OH Sheila I want one so bad!! Please let me know when the first ones are coming off the production line.. In anticipation I am taking online classes in New Orleans VOO DOO so I can start working the magic as soon as it arrives.

  2. Could you make a Melania Trump doll for Republican girls who don’t wear masks or read CRT in school ?

  3. When I get mine … gonna turn it up to high and watch her explode.!
    This would be very pleasing to me ….

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