Psychopaths are running the World. They do not mind the suffering they are causing and creating in many forms, such as harm by the Vax. Children that have been kept out of school and dumbed down, or forced to wear a mask. The disorders they now have will last their lifetime. Many families lost their homes. Many businesses were closed or bankrupted. All along, a few Psychopaths got richer as each vax was jabbed. 

When I say Psychopaths, look at those who are on crack pipes, those who use their computers as a storage facility of the porn and horrible pedophilia crimes they took part in. Will they be held accountable?  Would you like someone of that nature living next door to you and perhaps working in your school or church nursery?  What about the number of people who know the truth and conspire to keep it hid, cover it up and protect such scoundrels. These Psychopaths are getting richer while living the BIG LIFE and covering up crimes.  There is nothing they won’t do to get ahead. Steal, lie, murder or murder for hire, and then go on to quote Bible Verses, and tell you how they did such a good Christian service in younger years of keeping the Methodist Church Nursery. Some will try to convince you of what a good Catholic they are, and they would do no wrong.   How cunning and deceitful! They are much like the snake story Trump told us, yes that is exactly how they are. They are predators and you, your family, your business, your bank account, your children are all fair game, and they will eat you alive. 

I challenge you to look at your top leaders. Not just on Capitol Hill, but so many top CEO’s, do you really trust these people with your life?  If your answer is yes, then you are beyond help. No one, not anyone knows what is best for your Family, your child or your personal affairs but YOU!   Why would you trust someone with your valuables?

I really feel most of the time that everyone is crazy but me. You have heard that saying.  Remember years ago, when the government decided to re-engineer the bathroom toilet?  It used too much water, so they made new ones that use less when you flush. Now, we must flush two times. The Incandescent light bulbs used too much energy; we must now use LED’s. They cost ten times as much and if one breaks it has a dangerous gas inside of it. I could go on and on but you know all those silly and useless regulations.  Shut the pipeline down, everyone will need to go to Solar and electric cars.   Now they have ramped it up to take control of our very bodies, and your children’s bodies by forcing us to take the Jab! All of this is forced upon us by the Psychopath’s, yes, they know best!  How many of you remember the lovely First Lady, Nancy Reagan?  Her platform was JUST SAY NO, that was her drug awareness campaign. I remember her well. I still practice that. I still say NO to Drugs that will alter or do harm to my body.  I always let my Doctor know that I do not wish to be on a lot of drugs, I try to use as much natural / homeopathic  remedies as possible. Why?  Because my body is the temple of GOD.  

How quickly we forget. There are very few people I trust.  I have a discerning spirit and I call upon the Lord for my direction and strength. Please do not put your trust in man, for many are deceitful and will lead you astray.  What is your life worth?


Trusting God Right Where You Are - Gwen Smith

As Life Moves On….

“These last few years have really changed me. There was a time when I would not have posted this meme at all.

Now, I want to buy this BITCH a case and mail them to her!”
-Sheila Tolley-

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