You go ahead…I’ll just wait in the car

Definitely not on my bucket list!

This will brighten your day



Disney still wants teachers to decide curriculum, and teach 5 year old kids sex.  The whole Disney conglomerate is a sleazy pedophile lying data mining monopoly.

Nancy sounds drunk.


This is funny.  Everyone is wondering if Ukraine had biological labs.  Ask Fauci, he is probably in Ukraine now.  It’s just another thing for you to worry about.  If any biological lab exists anywhere in the world and the CIA and 17 other secret agencies don’t know about it/them, take some agents off of the Trump investigations.  The CIA is working for Putin and Nancy.

As Psaki would say have a Margarita or as Amigo would say have a pitcher of Martinis.  Worry about how to pay for gas.

The dems and Joe love those tyrants.  To Iran we are ” The Great Satan. “

Trump is right again.  The same deal goes for China, which owns America.

Make the Supremes decide again, Joe.

We will see if Europe and Joeland can keep and increase sanctions.

I hope the dem failures are already being shown in local races.

Informed readers know what they were paying for gas when Trump left office, $2.10 a gallon.  It was $3.53 when Putin started murdering Rainers.


This is why sex-robots and dolls are always the first thing invented with technology innovations.

Remember polls aren’t necessarily correct.

Biden is a great man.


I think seven corrupt counties turned the election, but I am tired of hearing about it.  Trump should be quiet about it.  It takes away from our goals.

Where is Musk ?


The It Begins Editor:  Is The Donald running again, LL ?

The Let’s Go Cat:  He might be, the slogan could be—- It Begins.

The left wing radical msm want Hillary to run with AOC or Stacey Abrams.  That would be a fearsome ticket.  It sounds like Hillary will make Joe and Kamala disappear.  Does Vince Foster ring a bell ?  Nancy would say that is a San Francisco treat.


“If I could save Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi from drowning OR get a million dollars……I would pick Red for the color of my new Lamborghini.”
-Sheila Tolley-

This is amazing…..

Keep Searching People….

 Wuhan Fauci Is HID Under There Somewhere….He has been missing since the truth about the Covid Scam started seeping out.

Good Truths

Have you ever wondered what a live organ donor looks like?


Astronomy Picture of the Day

When Rainbows Smile
Image Credit & Copyright: Marcella Giulia Pace

Explanation: Want to see a rainbow smile? Look near the zenith (straight up) when the sun is low in the sky and you might. This example of an ice halo known as a circumzenithal arc was captured above a palm tree top from Ragusa, Sicily on February 24. The vividly colorful arcs are often called smiling rainbows because of their upside down curvature and colors. For circumzenithal arcs the zenith is at the center and red is on the outside, compared to rainbows whose arcs bend toward the horizon after a downpour. True rainbows are formed by water droplets refracting the sunlight to produce a spectrum of colors, though. Circumzenithal arcs are the product of refraction and reflection in flat hexagonal ice crystals, like the ice crystals that create sundogs, formed in high thin clouds.

Tomorrow’s picture: winging it