The Waiting Room



Joe flies in BLM/Antifa members to instruct Rainers on the art of Molotov Cocktails.  It’s ironic, the cocktails were named for a Rooskie.  The Finns named the boogers after Molotov bombed cities, and told the press that he was dropping food for the Finns.  It was much like the cash Obama dropped on Tehran.

The head of England’s Secret Service has invited our Super Trans-Admiral to accompany him to fight Putin.


These Atomic bombs probably saved more Japanese lives than American lives.

Not one of these people mentioned giving up air conditioning, heat, yachts, or private jets.


Ole Hillgal is out of her rat hole.  The dems have been in office about 14 months.  They give away countries like ballots to illegals.  Ask yourself where has Obama’s money come from ?


The Split The Atom Editor:  Are the Communist going to bomb us, LL ?

The Don’t Follow Me Cat:  You never know about the White Devils & Putin.  He told XI Jinping that he had White Privilege and might launch about 500 Nuclear Missiles, if any went off course on Russia’s Eastern border, not to worry.

TSTAE:  What are retarded Joe’s plans, TDFMC ?

He gave new instructions.  Joe and Fauci had a billion masks and 100 million miles of 6 feet separation distances left when they beat COVID.  Masks and social distances are in the new instructions.

This is one scenario. 

Our science cat is out gathering mushrooms.  Until she returns the safest place might be a CAT Scan Machine.

If their walls can keep radiation in, they should be able to keep it out.  That’s science as Fauci would say.  Who said walls don’t work ?  You can come out in about 10,000 years, depending on the type and exposure of radiation.

Here are the instructions if you want your own nuclear device.  Remember, energy can be dangerous.

The Universe/Cosmos wouldn’t miss everyone on the Earth. 

This Rainer speaks out.

This is absolutely heart-wrenching. I’m sure you will give it serious attention…

My recommendation:  If one of these creatures has taken up residence in your house:

1) Get up early one morning, actually it does not even need to be early, these things remain dormant until lunch.
2) Call Orkin to install an extermination tent over your house.
You’re Welcome.

-Sheila Tolley-