I am not a Flat-Earther person. Being the scientific genius that I am, I know that cats would have pushed everything off the earth by now if the earth were flat. But a girl can dream, right?

I just ask for one small wedge of the edge to be flat.  I will be the only person who knows about this magical slice of earth. Then I will invite Bill Gates and Tony Fauci to my little wedge edge and PUSH them into the bottomless abyss.

You are welcome.

-Sheila Tolley-

An electronic tattoo will soon become part of our everyday lives according to Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and a renowned philanthropist, who is clearly an authority on all things to do with the future of technology. Now, he is predicting that the electronic tattoo will become an integral part of, and revolutionize, our everyday lives, at some point in the future.

An electronic, or digital tattoo, is an innovative method that seeks to collect and analyze data from the human body by taking advantage of the application of biotechnology. The special ingredient in making this function correctly is apparently the special ink used to apply the tattoo.

It will allegedly contain some tiny sensors and trackers, which subsequently conduct electricity that will be used to send and receive information, something that is known as a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip.

Bill Gates said in a recent Instagram post that he believes that regardless of the fact that the technology is still in a very early stage of development, it has all the potential to replace today’s smartphones. The company behind this pioneering technology is called Chaotic Moon Studios, and it is currently focusing specifically on the medical field.

With the functionalities of these electronic tattoos, he envisages a future where the use of sensors, trackers, and other wearable devices akin to digital tattoos can be used to communicate, send messages, and make phone calls.

With an electronic tattoo, you will reportedly be able to monitor whether your body is working properly or not. If, for example, you showed signs of fever or other illnesses, you would receive a notification immediately. It would also have the function of notifying your doctor at the same time if you wished.

You would apparently be able to monitor your daily activities through this technology. The company is also working on a way to store medical documents in a digital format in these tattoos. That will mean they are accessible from anywhere, and at any time, reducing the chances of the loss or unavailability of documents, as reported by

Written By: Chris King



She is a fine judge, why weren’t these facts questioned during the televised Senate Hearings ?????   CORRUPTION.  She should be working for Disney.

The Tar Heels celebrate the final-four win.  Let’s see a crowd this big in Orlando, protesting Disney Pedophiles.


I sure hope the citizens in America don’t do this to our politicians and criminal teachers.


If the local officials won’t prosecute the child abusers, the parents need to start some BLM type peaceful protests at the homes of the criminals.

The education institutions and media teach the hate, but not how to function in society.  She is a sad woker.

This is just emboldened thieves.  The college should be fined for inciting unlawful activity and have all tax money forfeited.

See if you can cancel anything owned by Pedophile Pushing Disney.

This is funny, none of the liberals have functioning brains.  He should be on our Supreme Court with the Jackson pedophile enabler.

We need the ghost of Big Jim Folsom to return, he knew the difference between the sexes.  The closest we have had was Bill Clinton, but he doesn’t know how to tell the truth.   (This is a repeat )

Another MSM conspiracy dies a befitting death.


You always have to watch the words.  A favorite of mine is ” kinetic intervention ” instead of war.

I bet Air Force One barely made takeoff weight.


This is a great idea, then Apple, Twitter, Google, Facebook ( Meta ), etc. could block your ID like they do opinions they don’t like.  You would be a man-woman-they-them-us-maybe, without a country or ID.

The Weekly bee.


The New World Order Editor:  Is your new Break Glass Section successful, LL ?

We Must Expand Our Break Glass-Emergency-Section Cat:  It sure is.  Here is a quick refresher on The New World Order.  War Criminal Bush 41 was the first to mention it in daylight.

Joe is a New World Order guy.  It seems to me it is taking more human rights from you, and giving World Monopolies more power over you.  Nations will be replaced by companies.

When people say things like NWO, comprehensive change, or improvements, check out their past.

Their NWO is this and this for them.

You get this.







Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Vortex Aurora over Iceland
Image Credit & Copyright: Christophe Suarez

Explanation: No, the car was not in danger of being vacuumed into space by the big sky vortex. For one reason, the vortex was really an aurora, and since auroras are created by particles striking the Earth from space, they do not create a vacuum. This rapidly developing auroral display was caused by a Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun that passed by the Earth closely enough to cause a ripple in Earth’s magnetosphere. The upper red parts of the aurora occur over 250 kilometers high with its red glow created by atmospheric atomic oxygen directly energized by incoming particles. The lower green parts of the aurora occur over 100 kilometers high with its green glow created by atmospheric atomic oxygen energized indirectly by collisions with first-energized molecular nitrogen. Below 100 kilometers, there is little atomic oxygen, which is why auroras end abruptly. The concentric cylinders depict a dramatic auroral corona as seen from the side. The featured image was created from a single 3-second exposure taken in mid-March over Lake Myvatn in Iceland.

Tomorrow’s picture: california seven