RIP….C.W. McCall

Dedicated To C.W. McCall and our devoted Truckers who have helped us with our Political Long-Haul against our Government Over-Reach.
I love this song.

-Sheila Tolley-
-The Rubber Duck-

You Gotta LOVE John Fogerty

ON MY QUOTEBOX…Old Joe was a little slow

NEWS ALERT: Joe Biden signs landmark law making lynching a hate crime.
(Damn Joe…lynching a person IS, HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE a crime of HATE.)

“This would have been an excellent law for Abraham Lincoln to have gotten on record, right?  That didn’t happen because Republican President Lincoln was busy freeing the slaves from their Democrat slave owners.  But, America can relax now…Biden nailed down that law after 157 years.

  Poor Jussie Smollet. His crooked lawyers finagled a crooked path for his jail release until his next court date. But now, Biden’s new landmark law  makes Smollet  guilty of attempted self-lynching, a hate crime.

Biden should have made the use of Rotary Phones illegal while he was on his roll of  revamping History….since we have no current problems to worry about in America.”

-Sheila Tolley-

Rotary phone - Smalls | For Rent | Pinacoteca Picture Props - North Hollywood

Good Morning

Life Isn’t Fair



Florida might repeal a special law for Disney that lets it make its own laws in Disney World.  I wonder how much in bribes that cost.  Big Business has to be controlled.


See how your Senators vote.  Pedophile support is a growing business.

Jen moves to another branch of the Democratic Party ( MSNBC ).

Biden wants to have gender teaching at day care, and worse.

Another state protects girls in sports, from males with mental problems.

The Democrat/Biden inflation will cost every household $5,200.00 this year.

Take down Old Glory and leave the transgender flag.

Most everyone has read about the Billionaires influencing elections.


This ancient city was in Illinois, it probably had a lower murder rate than Chicago.

Governor Noem is protecting her citizens.

We are half way there with the MSM, Twitter, Google, etc.


This is a great idea.

If you want your computer cleaned call Hillgal.  Anything up to 30,000 emails scrubbed.


The Windmill Editor:  Are you knowledgeable on energy, LL ?

Nuclear Cat:  I sure am.  Anyone who says nuclear energy is clean is a fool.  The waste last 100,000 years.   It sits in storage ponds like this one.

I wonder who is getting taxpayer money for electric vehicle production.

This is science, not Biden’s lies.

If you could capture the sun’s energy for 2 days it would power human needs until the earth was destroyed by the sun.

It’s rough out there.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

CMB Dipole: Speeding Through the Universe
Image Credit: DMR, COBE, NASA, Four-Year Sky Map

Explanation: Our Earth is not at rest. The Earth moves around the Sun. The Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy orbits in the Local Group of Galaxies. The Local Group falls toward the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies. But these speeds are less than the speed that all of these objects together move relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). In the featured all-sky map from the COBE satellite in 1993, microwave light in the Earth’s direction of motion appears blueshifted and hence hotter, while microwave light on the opposite side of the sky is redshifted and colder. The map indicates that the Local Group moves at about 600 kilometers per second relative to this primordial radiation. This high speed was initially unexpected and its magnitude is still unexplained. Why are we moving so fast? What is out there?

Tomorrow’s picture: auroral vortex

Fun Photos





Today’s Photos With Stories


This cute ceremony is called ‘Kukur Tihar’ in Nepal. It’s the day dedicated to dogs for their loyalty.


“This is the only existing photo of Chernobyl taken on the morning of the nuclear accident. The heavy grain is due to the huge amount of radiation in the air that began to destroy the camera film the second it was exposed.”


A macro photo of an ant raising a piece of wood.


An accidental photo of a falling meteor.


And last, but definitely not least: these three Jewish men arrived in Auschwitz on the same day and were tattooed 10 numbers apart. 73 years later, they were reunited for the first time.