Defunding the police has begun


There is so much gloom and doom all around.
Not enough smiles and too many frowns.
We all could use a feel-good story. 
Enjoy, smile & give Eclipse the glory.
-Sheila Tolley-



Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of many Christian events in April.



The Democrats are going to court to try and get permission to cut off children’s penises and breasts in schools nationwide.  The Nazis did this in the 1940s.  Vote Democrat again.


More news on the BLM thieves.

Good News.

Every one should know that Twitter is a Radical-Left Wing-Smelly-UnAmerican-Propaganda Tool, for the uneducated.

Do it Dan.

Don’t touch me, don’t touch me.  Too funny.

He must feel safer in the Land of the Switzers.

Disney is openly supporting hormone treatment for 5 year olds.  The dems are as quiet as Joe’s investigators.

He can drive for Senator Feinstein.   Where is 88 year old Dianne, probably preparing for the Supremes.

Twitter employees won’t know where to find the truth.


Let’s just paint their faces Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red.

One of the last places in America that still enforces rules is ” Wheel of Fortune “.  Maybe Sajak should be on the Supremes, he is old enough—but is he a confused woman pedophile enabler ?

Maybe the contestant who gave a wrong answer should have slapped Sajak.


We are sorry.


The Excited Editor:  That is wonderful, LL.  What is your new section about ?

The Translator Or Explainer Cat:  Willow, our cat in the White House, will translate occasional comments that aren’t completely coherent.  She wanted her photo in The Sphinx, for her hard work.

She opined that her toughest task, so far, is taking care of all the bugs/creatures that were in the Lincoln Bedroom which Obama converted to the Al Sharpton Crib.

TEE:  Could you give us an example of how she will keep our loyal readers informed ?

She may have to go back in time occasionally to explain how things got so ****** up.  Here is a beauty contestant from an old question and answer interview from 2007.

Willow said that since all of Kamala’s Staff is leaving, Caite Upton is her new Communications Director.

Maxine has been out of camera range for too long.  The translation on her is–I got your vote, come back for the midterm elections.  Here is some yellow ribbon.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Shadows at the Moon’s South Pole
Image Credit: NASA, Arizona State U., Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Explanation: Was this image of the Moon’s surface taken with a microscope? No — it’s a multi-temporal illumination map made with a wide-angle camera. To create it, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft collected 1,700 images over a period of 6 lunar days (6 Earth months), repeatedly covering an area centered on the Moon’s south pole from different angles. The resulting images were stacked to produce the featured map — representing the percentage of time each spot on the surface was illuminated by the Sun. Remaining convincingly in shadow, the floor of the 19-kilometer diameter Shackleton crater is seen near the map’s center. The lunar south pole itself is at about 9 o’clock on the crater’s rim. Crater floors near the lunar south and north poles can remain in permanent shadow, while mountain tops can remain in nearly continuous sunlight. Useful for future outposts, the shadowed crater floors could offer reservoirs of water-ice, while the sunlit mountain tops offer good locations to collect solar power.

Tomorrow’s picture: ISS Sunspot