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I don’t care, If I fit, I sit!

Oh Look….A Man Who Understands Women…..

Astute Observation

Hotel California…(Pelosiville, USA)



Disney and their liberal-Democratic-pedophile culture will do anything for a buck.


This is a gerrymandered district by the Democrats in New York to keep Jerry Nadler in office.  It looks like an MRI of Joe Biden’s active brain functions.


This is a repeat.

Too many trans-people seem to be in a cult of some type, where they want to harm children.


Check your personality.

Maybe we could bring the American Journalism School back to life.

Don’t complain, you keep electing Liberal Democrats.

We will cover Pocahontas past the very end.

Speaking for cats, we don’t believe anything about what the media releases about sanctions.  A week later another sanction is added–just do all the sanctions now.  The oil sanctions begin in June.  We are in a war.

Your only recourse is to skip games that he umpires.  Baseball doesn’t care.

This one still frosts my cat tail.

Washington State will have to have a cleansing before long.

Welcome back.


Defeat the cancel culture cockroaches.

What a treat.


The Onion is silenced.


The Excellence Or Not Editor:  For our American readers, what is quality control, LL ?

The Brand Name Cat:  This is one definition.

This is an example of poor or no quality control.

This is a timely article.

What happened to QC here ?

This is an example of no regulations, check points, certification, standards, expectations, rules, or honesty.

We didn’t celebrate Earth Day because I forgot.  I don’t think the land that they will be giving away will be habitable.  Does the Guess Who piano player look like the Pennsylvania male/female swimmer?

This Will Help You Understand…How America Fell Over The Cliff




Astronomy Picture of the Day

Lyrid of the Lake
Image Credit & Copyright: Jeff Dai (TWAN)

Explanation: In the early hours of April 24 this bright Lyrid meteor flashed along the central Milky Way. For a moment, it cast a bright reflection across Lake Nian, Yunnan province, China. The annual Lyrid meteor shower, one of the oldest known, is active in late April, as our fair planet plows through dust left along the orbit of long-period comet Thatcher. The trail of the bright fireball points back toward the shower’s radiant in the constellation Lyra high in the northern springtime sky and off the top of the frame. Just rising in that starry sky, light from a third quarter moon also cast a glow on the peaceful waters of the lake.

Tomorrow’s picture: a springtime appetizer