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I am sure you have heard about the woman who was brutally murdered by being stabbed 60 times in her own home.

It happened in Queens, New York, so the confessed murderer may be detained overnight in jail.

Do you know what could have saved her life?


-Sheila Tolley-

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How NOT to enter a gas station

A Smart Parrot

Remember when…..

How many coal plants are in the world?


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The EU has 468 – building 27 more… Total 495
Turkey has 56 – building 93 more… Total 149
South Africa has 79 – building 24 more… Total 103
India has 589 – building 446 more… Total 1035
Philippines has 19 – building 60 more… Total 79
South Korea has 58 – building 26 more… Total 84
Japan has 90 – building 45 more… Total 135
China has 2363 – building 1171 more… Total 3534
That’s 5,614 projected coal powered plants in 8 regions/countries.

USA has 15 – building 0 more… Total 15

Now the Democrat politicians want to shut down those 15 plants in order to “save the planet” ?!?!?

Can someone explain the reasoning behind this to me?


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What is Heaven like?

Heaven, Pearly Gates, Gate, Religion, God Stock Photo - Image of religious,  practice: 120792746

The couple were in their 80’s, in good health, largely due to the efforts of the wife, who carefully controlled their diet, and regularly nagged her husband to watch his weight, and exercise. For their 60th anniversary, they flew to Hawaii. Unfortunately, their plane crashed, and they died.
They reached the pearly gates, and St. Peter ushered them into a beautiful mansion. The house was huge, and the finishes were fantastic. The old man asked Peter how much a place like this would cost. Peter said: “Don’t worry; it is all included.”
They opened a sliding door, and looked out from the deck over the most beautiful golf course. Peter told the old man he could play anytime he wanted, for free! The weather would always be perfect, and there would be no wait times. Then Peter took them to the clubhouse, where they saw an elaborate buffet, with prime rib and seafood, rich desserts, and free-flowing beverages. The old man asked what it would cost to eat at the buffet, and Peter assured him that the buffet would always be available, at no charge.
The old man looked around and glanced nervously at his wife. He whispered to Peter: “Where are the low fat, low cholesterol foods? We have to watch our sugar too.”
Peter said: “That’s the best part. You can eat whatever you want, and you will never gain weight or get sick. This is heaven.”
The old man said: “Where is the gym, with the boring treadmills?”
Peter said: “I’ll show you later, if you want. But you don’t have to go, you know. This is heaven; you will always be in good health, and you will never be bored.”
The old man took a deep breath, turned to his wife and said: “You and your bran muffins. We could have been here ten years ago.”



I hope he is successful in taking the special police district away from Disney, and repealing the special tax break.  Tell Disney to move to California, and invite Congress to meet at Dismerica ( Fantasy Land ).

Americans don’t have to help the enemy.


Delaware is next, after Abbott fills up DC with illegals.  One of Joe’s beach houses could hold many families.


This is funny, The Washington Post is against billionaires owning media companies.  As we all know, Bezos of Amazon, bought the Washington Post a few years ago.

Biden and his Dung Beetles have done few legal things since 2021.  There must be 10 law violations in this order from the Florida District Court.

Nancy records an 89 % on distrust and sleaze in our readers poll.

Kansas isn’t a fly over state anymore.

Bezos uses his ownership of the Washington Post again.


You can’t count on everyone being a democrat.

This is the kind of guy we need at the Pentagon.  Maybe Milley and Austin need a stiff one before the dreaded Senate testimony.


This is the type of trash we need to un-elect.

Their next case might be the Haunted Al Sharpton Crib at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The Sergeant Major Editor:  Is this a military issue, LL ?

The 3RD Army Cat:  Sort of.

Leaders could learn a lot from Patton, couldn’t they, T3AC ?

They sure could.  A leader who puts America first could save her.  A lot of disinfectant will be needed.

A leader who knows where he/she is going has a head start on the opposition.

He would be leading not from behind like O, or from a beach house in Delaware like Biden, but from the battle.

A lot of jackasses would be retired.  They are just blocking progress, anyway.

The rosy stories of the American haters making great improvements in America, with the MSM collusion would be exposed.  The planes are the dems, MSM, Pigleosi, Biden, Obama, Clintons, Twitter, Google, Facebook-Meta, etc.

In the military you get two names, your rank and last name.  There are no pronouns, LGBTQ flags, CRT, 1619, or pink vehicles.

If he was reincarnated, he needs to come back one more time.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Apollo 16 Moon Panorama
Image Credit: Apollo 16, NASA; Panorama Assembly: Mike Constantine

Explanation: Fifty years ago, April 20, 1972, Apollo 16’s lunar module Orion touched down on the Moon’s near side in the south-central Descartes Highlands. While astronaut Ken Mattingly orbited overhead in Casper the friendly command and service module the Orion brought John Young and Charles Duke to the lunar surface. The pair would spend nearly three days on the Moon. Constructed from images (AS16-117-18814 to AS16-117-18820) taken near the end of their third and final surface excursion this panoramic view puts the lunar module in the distance toward the left. Their electric lunar roving vehicle in the foreground, Duke is operating the camera while Young aims the high gain communications antenna skyward, toward planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: our fair planet