I am sure you have heard about the woman who was brutally murdered by being stabbed 60 times in her own home.

It happened in Queens, New York, so the confessed murderer may be detained overnight in jail.

Do you know what could have saved her life?


-Sheila Tolley-

2 thoughts on “ON MY QUOTEBOX…BANG-BANG!

  1. You are so right Sheila! A gun with the proper training could have possibly saved her life and saved the government a lot of money by not having to have a trial and the cost of incarceration. But she would have shown no hesitating in using it. I have had weapons training and do carry a concealed weapon. Should I ever have to use it I would not hesitate to do so. It is the hesitating that gets you killed.

  2. All of these NO GUN people need to have a list of their names where I can go to their house when things get really bad take MY GUN and get their groceries just saying for a friend

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