How many coal plants are in the world?


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The EU has 468 – building 27 more… Total 495
Turkey has 56 – building 93 more… Total 149
South Africa has 79 – building 24 more… Total 103
India has 589 – building 446 more… Total 1035
Philippines has 19 – building 60 more… Total 79
South Korea has 58 – building 26 more… Total 84
Japan has 90 – building 45 more… Total 135
China has 2363 – building 1171 more… Total 3534
That’s 5,614 projected coal powered plants in 8 regions/countries.

USA has 15 – building 0 more… Total 15

Now the Democrat politicians want to shut down those 15 plants in order to “save the planet” ?!?!?

Can someone explain the reasoning behind this to me?


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One thought on “How many coal plants are in the world?

  1. Coal Plant? Don’t you mean Coal-Fired Power Plants? (Generating stations)

    And the reasoning behind the dems’ plan is obvious – It’s stupidity. That is the explanation for much of their behavior.

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