ON MY QUOTEBOX…Old Joe was a little slow

NEWS ALERT: Joe Biden signs landmark law making lynching a hate crime.
(Damn Joe…lynching a person IS, HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE a crime of HATE.)

“This would have been an excellent law for Abraham Lincoln to have gotten on record, right?  That didn’t happen because Republican President Lincoln was busy freeing the slaves from their Democrat slave owners.  But, America can relax now…Biden nailed down that law after 157 years.

  Poor Jussie Smollet. His crooked lawyers finagled a crooked path for his jail release until his next court date. But now, Biden’s new landmark law  makes Smollet  guilty of attempted self-lynching, a hate crime.

Biden should have made the use of Rotary Phones illegal while he was on his roll of  revamping History….since we have no current problems to worry about in America.”

-Sheila Tolley-

Rotary phone - Smalls | For Rent | Pinacoteca Picture Props - North Hollywood

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