Any game can get out of hand.


Show me a country that wasn’t created by force.  The Romans used slaves as entertainers in the coliseum.  They probably invented futeball.


The Frog Editor:  Who hated America the most in 2022, LL?

The Usual Dung Beetles Cat:   Pigleosi is out because of her being a snotty loser.  Liz Cheney is as good as any.

Randi Weingarten is the current most dangerous mutant in America.  Her teacher’s union speaks ill for the character of its members.

Here is a young Joey explaining how he helped destroy America.  Grandma is the Democratic Party.

The media is funny discussing a political race two years in the future. 

The Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, is a RINO Swamp Creature.  I hope Karma visits him.  Anyone who gives 6 million to Murkowski and lets two good Senate prospects lose is a Mitt Romney Republican.

The old Twitter gang wanted Biden elected–they got it.  He is a POS.  The old saying that ‘it is easier to apologize than get permission’ is in play here.

This was a hit for Gene.

This might get America on the road to greatness, again.

Thanks to MST.

The dems like to use, Vindman, another person with mental problems. He is a traitor.  You could swap him for Schiff or Nadler.


Katie Britt can help.

Violence has been incorporated into American Society the last 7 years.  It’s hard to sympathize with school officials unless I know if they support surgery or hormones for kids.

New York City’s three biggest news makers are rats, crooked politicians, and crime.

Maybe Biden is really Jimmy Caaarrter.

I hope Maxine doesn’t die this year.

This creep has mental problems.  Kamala can recommend him for Vice President when Joey dies, or is carted off.

Let Darwin replace Sam. Darwin could model the clothes that Sam stole.

Olbermann has always had a high opinion of himself.  STFU Keith, you are obnoxious.

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