My Dogs…

This morning I went to sign my dogs up for welfare.
At first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare.”

So, I explained to her that my dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy,  can’t speak English and have no clue who their Daddies are.  They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care. So, she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify.  My dogs get their first checks Friday. She also put their names on the Democrat voter registry.

IS this a great country or what! 



Woman lock is coming to Ford.  The dems want your pickup truck, your gun, and your child’s genitals.


What a bunch of surprises.


The See Seven States From Lookout Mountain Editor:  Are you writing about Lookout Mountain, LL ?

The Safety Cat:  It isn’t lookout, it’s lockout.  It’s safety procedures that tag and prevent things being worked on from being turned on by someone not involved and killing the worker.  Workers are scarce in America, there are only 19 in the whole country.

This guy’s death was avoidable with a simple sign and chain locking the moving parts.  This kit is for electricity, but they are available for anything.

Mayorkas needs to be impeached ( the 7th reason ).  Put a lock on his office.

This is a lookout, lookout.

If Joey wrote his own speech it would be plagiarized.

An Earthquake hits Turkey.


China is like American kids, politicians, and criminals. They see what they can get away with, then push the envelope more next time.

Can you think of any America First people ?


The dems vote South Carolina to replace New Hampshire as the first primary in 2024.  Let’s see what happens.

I hope Jim Clyburn, Joe’s Democrat Congressman from the Palmetto State, stays healthy.  He was born in 1940.


Global warming strikes again.


A great policy.


Some people are just crazy.

Believe it or not.

It’s the letters MTG vs AOC.

I hope he goes bankrupt.

Minnesota is for rapists, and the voters that keep voting in losers/criminals.

NATO is ready for nothing.

Good news.

California lets murderers, and rapists go free, why not a lion cub ?

Conservative Only MEMES

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