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Are All Conservatives Nazis?

Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?


This fine lawn machine now comes in the Deluxe Model. It sprays Napalm and comes with a Siren.

The upgrade was deemed necessary after the ridiculous SOTU speech from the

Un-elected & Pre-selected America-Hating president.
-Sheila Tolley-



How can you waste money on developing a vaccine when the flu doesn’t exist ?  It’s a scam

AI is here.

I generated this article.

AOC threatens to bite off her finger if she doesn’t get her preferred committee.



The rich people stopped leaving Benjamin Franklin tips.

Try it, if you fail your family will be sent back to where you came from.


The AI Editor:  Do you know about Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), LL ?

Follow Me Cat:  I sure do.  I read every issue of the Congressional Quarterly.  Too many politicians, teachers, newsmorons, and MSM don’t have AI, but stole their intelligence from the same place they stole their scruples.

Where will AI take the human race ?  Can we just call it racist, sexist, and White Supremacist to save time.

This Federal Judge nominee is as smart as the last ” I can’t define woman ” appointed to the Supreme Court.  This one couldn’t even steal an answer.

The President’s Press Secretary has used up her lock-box full of lies.  There is nowhere else to go.  She could circle back like her predecessor, Psaki.  To be honest about KJP, she hasn’t much to work with ( Joey ).

Let students do one day a week on the internet, and lower Professor costs by 20 percent.  Do the same with Hochul’s salary.

Our song.


Sinema looks like an Easter Egg or Whoopie the Goldberg.


These are funny.  What is sad is half of America believes these jesters.

Hunter is starting to squirm.

Biden’s Joint-Chiefs could handle the Chinese if they attacked after 8 O’clock.  They need time to put on their face/makeup.

The Oversight Committee could be busy for years.


Nothing has changed.

Someone said everyone has a look alike.

Aretha saved the Grammy Show.

She can’t save stupid politicians, they won’t ban the E-bikes with killer batteries.

Gavin Newsom can’t even make money selling marijuana.

If they wanted to salvage the electronics they would have shot a couple of holes in the balloon and let it land softly.

You can’t let in enough of 15 year old male illegals who speak no English to please the Chamber of Commerce.  They are Democratic Party buddies.

Everything about Hunter will go to the courts.


AMEN, Governor

Bible Verse