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Artist and/or poets at work.


I would add sex and alcohol, drop the number to three.


The Bureau of Weights and measurements Editor:  Do we have new measurements for America, LL ?  Have we finally gone metric with kilos, grams, kilometer, etc., LL ?

The New World Order Cat:  The billions of dollars that America’s military spends yearly has enabled them to develop a new system.  The Biden-XI Jinping Spy Balloon revealed the ‘up until now’ secret system.  Things in the air will be referred to as school buses.  For reference the Biden Balloon was the size of three school buses.  Here is an old measurement.

Kamala was informed of the new system weeks ago.  Here she is giving secret yellow buzz-words to the Radical Left Commies.

Smaller measurements are the size of automobiles.

The only metric measurement appears to be kilogram (kilo) used to measure illegal drugs.

One kilogram equals 2.20462 pounds.  Have a toot.

Remember, Biden is all lies and anyone who supports him.

The military says balloons came over during the Trump administration, but they didn’t see them.  They must have used a psychic.  We know about incursions, when Biden was asked about Russia invading Ukraine, he said it depended on how far the incursion was.

This pretty much concludes our Biden-Xi Spy Balloon coverage.

Mardi Gras is here, but be careful.


Shoot it down.  It was first reported by civilians.  The Chinese can call the National Weather Service for data, military base secrets are provided by Joey.


If you want to race, go to Daytona.


It won’t clear all of the governments involved, but is something to think about.

Anyone running for office should support the eventual nominee.

New York has more commies than Moscow, also more rats.

Joey doesn’t care about Ohio citizens, they voted for Trump.

Putin and Bush 43 should be tried together.

Be careful out there.