Chuckles & Grins



I hope this comes to pass.

Joe is a hard working guy.


This is one reason there is never enough money—anywhere.

Look at Joe’s eyes.  He is beginning to look Chinese.


The High Flying Editor:  What are your choices about, LL ?

The Fang Fang Cat:  Just what they say, last week there was a big deal about a Chinese Spy Balloon over America.  With Swallwell, AOC, Schiff, and Pigleosi in the minority, sensitive information is not as abundant,

This link is a repeat.  It wasn’t shot down because Biden and the Democrats are child abusing commie traitors.  Open borders, skies, budgets, and jail doors.  The only thing closed in America is Hunter’s Laptop.

I missed National Bubblegum Day a few days back.  Here is some history.

Bazooka Joe was the greatest.

A short history of Bubblegum music.  In 1969 there was a number one hit.

Pennsylvania’s newest Senator is back in the hospital.  We wish him a speedy recovery.


The feds are too busy working on WOKE plans to help an environmental disaster.


American defense contractors shouldn’t even talk to Chinese officials.

Jane Fonda says if you want surgery go to Vietnam or Austria.

This is bizarre and poorly written.


I wonder, with 3 almost fatal aircraft incidences during the last 2 weeks, if diversity and lowering of standards hasn’t already reached the FAA.

Joey should run again.  The dems have Kamala, Newsom, and Manchin to run in 2024.  I haven’t seen any of them condemn child sexual experiments.  Xi Jinping might be their man.

Be careful–under those cars.

The authorities won’t punish the killers/thieves, they leave you to protect yourself.

Lemon is an opinionated toad for the dems.   He should be on The View.

Take it back.