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I always thought Waffle House had an early American feel about it.

It’s a strange world.


Eric is a wonderful commie.


The Bizarre Editor:  What is going on, LL ?

Go Figure Cat:  What is going on at America’s zoos ?

Apple watches are calling 911 when there isn’t an emergency.  I’m surprised they aren’t saying, ” Help I’m a slave in China forced to make Apple watches “.

Summer camps are back in demand.

Here are two types of summer camps from bygone days.

Super Bowl News.

Here is some pregame entertainment.  I will just list the Black National Anthem separately.  Let’s all be united, and everyone sing their own anthem.  Maybe Fang Fang can do the one for Chinese Americans.

Oh, there is no Black Anthem.  It’s another way to divide Americans, politicians love it.


It’s just entertainment.  Kansas City by 4 points.

Big money is bet on the game.

Gracie would be an improvement.


The ads aren’t so great.

Some people want the day after made a holiday.  Play the game on Saturday.

Someone rates these the best of all time.

Fox has an ad.


The Memphis Diary.

MTG wore a wool coat.

Some Pro-Trans Progressives speak up about the horrors that children face.

Another spy-balloon is shot down.  They didn’t try to hide this one.  The first one wasn’t reported by Biden’s woke military until a citizen first reported it.