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This is way-to-early.  The Republicans have to start ballot harvesting and using the dems tactics.

I would like the FBI Agent to pull a toe-tag out of Joe’s coat pocket.


Where is Bernie ?  He should be on THE VIEW.

This is a good citizen.


The Canine Editor:  What are animals up to, LL ?

Ooooowwww Cat:  Here is a real looking fake wolf.  It would be a fright to see him on a Full Moon night.  He didn’t need surgery or puberty blockers to change personalities.

I can almost hear him in Jack London’s Call Of The Wild.

A Super Bowl wolf.

The Supreme Court Democrat Spy must have moved to Dallas, Texas.  Pin looked like Joe Biden, but was more personable, and better smelling.

One thing better than having a rich friend is having a rich dog owner’s dog to walk.  There is no neutering involved, like in those pesky elementary school children.

The NBA makes news for something other than violence.

Be aware of stomach flu.  It sounds like the symptoms from cruise ship passengers.


When more politicians are attacked by criminals in their homes, maybe they will see how others suffer.  They can’t put razor wire around their homes/apartments.


These lying scum should be tried for sabotaging a federal election and have their fortunes given to individual veterans.  Do you think you can meet them halfway ?


The same people involved with the statue must have helped with this.

Good, the homosexuals/groomers should perform with/for adults.


Robins are showing up at my cat-house.

New York’s Mayor Adams is shipping immigrants to Canada.  What a sanctuary-liar.

St. Louis, is a Democrat sanctuary rat-hole.

This is my last report on the PPP scams.  Nothing will ever be done to the politicians responsible, they probably got their share.

CBS is a Democrat anti-American Culture company ( Woke ).

Take responsibility.

It’s dangerous out there.

RIP Burt Bacharach.

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