Yamma Ensemble-King David

King David was a great biblical model for all of us to live by. He made many mistakes, but thru atonement, God erased them all. Atonement on a daily basis is critical to prospering in God. Most importantly, David loved God more than his own life. If we are to live blessed lives, God comes first in all things, and our love for Him will show in our daily “works” – by which He will increase our measure of faith. (Romans 12:3, Ephesians 2:9, Luke 17:5 – stick with the KJV)

Remembering this great King of Israel and learning from his examples of tremendous faith can become a new pathway to understanding God’s way in our daily lives. This ancient Hebrew “mizmor” is an awesome way to remember a great man of faith, and join his ranks among the faithful, in this secular age of the great final beast. 


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