3 thoughts on “Trump On America

    • Hi Phil…. Bronson Stocking nails my opinion better than I can: Joe Biden essentially had a 90-minute well-rehearsed campaign ad on ABC Thursday night. They called it a town hall event, but with frequent commercial breaks, almost-certainly planted questions, and former Democratic advisor George Stephanopolous hosting, it was nothing more than another in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign by the mainstream media. MEANWHILE….Over on NBC, Savannah Guthrie considered herself a fill-in for Joe Biden and badgered Trump about white supremacists, QAnon, and the Wuhan coronavirus. Both networks had their assignments: ABC needed to make Biden look mentally competent, and NBC needed to make President Trump look like Adolf Hitler.

    • Good evening, Phil….Do you have any idea how early voting is looking in Texas? Which signs dominate your area? TRUMP signs surround my area….I LOVE it!!

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