3 thoughts on “TODAY’S MEMES

  1. My bride and I stumbled through Kroger today for a few items. The shelves were mostly full, the employees friendly and the background music was classic 60s rock. Then we arrived at the meat department for some Chili meat. It was 63 here today, so that translates to Chili weather here in Texas. Nolan Ryans 85 lean-15 fat was $7.00 a pound. A loaf of Mrs. Bairds was $3.27. Better grab a turkey because they are getting scarce.

    • WOW, Phil! $7.00 a pound for ground beef and you live in Cattle Country. Yet Old Joe does not call this inflation. I guess this is one way for AOC & Gang to get rid of the cows, right? If they keep these trends up, we will be eating grass.

      • Yep, Texas is beef central for sure. I’m not a vegan, but we are figuring out ways to make veggies taste like Filet Mignon. We installed a big shelf unit in our utility room and are stocking up now. I’m not a fan of panic buying, but this will get serious in a few weeks.

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