I am so sick of hearing some words from the past two years. Perhaps some of you agree with me. The word RACIST was at the top of my Pet Peeve List Of Words for a long time. Then, I finally realized that it was just the “Word Of The Day” for Democrat idiots and MSM. Now, I just totally ignore that word when I hear it. When I see a Black cloud overhead, I take my umbrella…when I see the beautiful White clouds, I smile, salute the sun and move on. I know full well that the Race Monger Democrats  will  appoint a Corrective Cloud Description Committee soon enough. Facebook, Twitter, etc. will censor anyone using the word Black Cloud….so, Who Cares? I will continue taking my umbrella or saluting the sun, as I see fit.

Are you tired of hearing Covid, Vaccine, Anti-Vaxers, Omicron, Mask, Corona, Variant, etc.?  Me too. These words are irritants to me. BUT…there is one MISUSED word which has become integrated with this Chinese Flu Dialect that aggravates the Hell out of me. That word is…


How can anyone believe the vaccines, boosters, tests, funerals, hospital care, ventilators, etc. are free? Why do people think that, since they are not required to whip out their checkbooks…all these benefits are FREE? They are Stupid Idiots or previous Tax Ticks from the Pre-Chinese Flu Era…that is why.

However, being the open-minded and polite person that I am, I thought of a scenario in which Lying Joe Biden, may be doing this for FREE.

You have noticed that UFO’s are in the news more often since Senile Joe found himself in the oval office one morning. I figure, one of these spaceships landed in the woods and the inhabitants stumbled upon Hunter Biden, as he was getting high during his Blow Art Session. When the Extraterrestrial and Alf found “High” Hunter and said, Take me to your Leader…”High” Hunter replied…We have had no leader since we stole the election from Donald Trump, but I can take you to The Big Guy.

Evidently, the Martian and Alf cut a FREE EXTRATERRESTRIAL DEAL with The Big Guy…because nothing on Earth is FREE. Taxpayers pay for everything.

OOPS! I stand corrected….

President Donald J. Trump took no salary for his entire term as president. We received his Amazing Patriotic Leadership for FREE!

AND I would gladly pay to have it back.

Trump's 2020 election focused on dividing nation


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