This is kind of strange….Your thoughts?

“WOW! In the future, can obese people still buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Can vegans buy ground beef? Can Republicans even shop in stores owned by Jeff Bezos?  If one eats a candy bar in the store and it never goes into the cart, what happens? Will Bezos track you down like they track those cows with Mad Cow disease? They can track the Mad Cow’s calf all the way to a stall in Venezuela. Then, the most important question of all: Even though I am debt free and bring home over $100,000 a year, can I still use my EBT card which I do not qualify for…and did not ask for…since my Governor and  PINO Biden graciously sent it to me? So many questions ???”
-Sheila Tolley-

(Not kidding about the EBT Cards…check out the link under the video. We have become a Welfare Country and sorry people, who have no morals, and do not need the cards are keeping them anyway….with this opinion….”Everyone else is keeping them, so why shouldn’t I?” God is gonna get them for that!)

“Don’t you worry now, we will just raise your school taxes to cover these EBT cards and the increase in teacher’s salaries, whether they show up to teach or not. After all..probably only half of your taxes already go to school funding…no matter if you never had children or now have Great-Grandchildren. DISGUSTING! Do you remember when Trump spoke of the illegal immigrants from Shit-Hole Countries that were coming over our southern border? Well, we are fast becoming one.”
-Sheila Tolley-

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