As you know, Monday February 21 is President’s Day.

Since The United States of America currently HAS NO PRESIDENT, this day will be cancelled.

Regardless of the cancellation,  the post office will not deliver mail on “We Do Not Have A President” Day.

There is one exception. If you have already placed an order for your new Biden Crack Pipe, it will be delivered.

If you ordered the Deluxe Biden Crack Pipe, signed by Joe, you will need to go and stand beside your mailbox in order to take possession of it. Please wear your mask and be prepared to show your vax records, including boosters.

If you ordered the Ultimate Biden Crack Pipe, decorated with Hunter’s artistic Blow Technique, delivery will be delayed. Hunter is off on an emergency trip to Ukraine to pick up another check from Burisma. The Big Guy told him to get in and out in a hurry because he cannot guarantee his safety long enough to make a baby at the Ukrainian strip clubs.

If you had this day circled on your calendar, UN-CIRCLE IT!

If you had it pinned, UN-PIN it.

Just remember, in 2024 when the Republican President takes office, we will celebrate a President’s Week in lieu of a president’s day.

We will be be opening pipelines…not smoking crack pipes.


  1. Very good article Sheila, How right you are, No Presidents Day. As far as that goes there has been no Independence Day either. Unless people rise up and take a stand, we will not have any thing to celebrate. We are going down the tubes fast. We Love You Sheila. Thanks for your great Topics.

    • You are so right! People do need to rise up and take a stand because America is circling the drain right now. Like the old country song says: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

  2. I remember when there was no Presidents day. We had days to celebrate certain Presidents and no all of them as some were not worthy of being celebrated. We had February 22 as George Washington’s Birthday. A day I was very happy about as it is also my birthday and I always got it off. 8^)

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