Good morning to my millions of fellow MAGA-Republicans!

Did you watch any of Lucifer’s tantrum last night?

Oh yeah! Old Lucifer Biden used his back drop from HELL for his speech…..in order to Collect Your Soul.

These two poor Marines. They must have drawn a mighty short straw. How short must that straw be for one to pose as bookends for Lucifer? I’d bet they are civilians, by choice, this morning.

Well, as you may have heard, Old Lucifer said that, “you and I are threats to Democracy and want to take our country back in time.”

That is the only sentence the old fool got Half- Right.

Listen up, Lucifer Biden: You bet your Demonic, Communist, Angry, Old, Senile Ass that I want to take my country back in time.

Give us a gasoline powered MAGA Time Machine that will take us back about a year and 9 months.

It would not take us that long really, to put all the thieves of the 2020 election, including Zuckerberg, the crooked FBI, 98% of the Biden family, etc. into a holding cell until Hell has enough openings.


2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX….LUCIFER

  1. I did not see it as I was not able to stomach any more of this awful a$$hole of a person. (and I use the word person very loosely) There has to be a way we as true citizens can get rid of him and his minions. Without being jailed as terrorists.

    • I am with you, Fred. I cannot stomach him either. I just saw the few seconds of lowlights (I refuse to call then highlights) on some news shows.

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