I simply cannot find the words to explain the decline of my America.

It is as if I went to sleep about twenty years ago and experienced a nightmare about falling into a dark abyss. Now I cannot force myself to crawl out of the abyss or awake from the nightmare. I am like a caterpillar that refuses to morph into a butterfly. My beautiful country has been destroyed and I am afraid.

I could recap all the disgusting changes and evil forces that have played a part in destroying our country, but we are all tired of talking and hearing about them. After all, what can one little caterpillar do to help such a gigantic problem? I have an answer for you. It will seem like a small deterrent, but it will make you feel good. You can be the little snowball that gathers in size and momentum as it rolls downhill.

Remember when Coke went Woke? Their intention was to push back against a non-existent, Democrat-created problem called Systemic Racism. I have not drank a coke since that day and MANY Americans took that same stand. Coke discovered that their “Have a Coke and a Smile” crowd, along with their profits, were decreasing by large numbers. The intelligent Americans were reverting back to the non-political Pepsi Challenge….For Those Who Think Young. Cry me a river, Coke…I will never drink your products again.

Well, well…M&M (owned by MARS Inc) has jumped aboard the Woke train. They are introducing a purple spokescandy that pushes Acceptance and Inclusivity.

As this purple spokescandy makes her debut to promote Acceptance and Inclusivity, her theme song will be…”I’m Just Gonna Be Me.”

Dear Purple Spokescandy:
As you are introduced into the Woke world sponsoring Acceptance and Inclusivity,  shall we be honest about what you are? You are a chocolate covered peanut dipped in a purple sugar coating. You are a contribution to Diabetes and Obesity. Now…Accept and Include those facts in your little WOKE song promoting Acceptance and Inclusivity.

Why can’t companies stay out of politics? If all the WOKE fools, including Biden & Gang, would go back to sleep….I would feel safe morphing from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.



2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…M&M GOES WOKE

  1. Excellent. So many of us agree.
    We (the USA) is/are being attached from so many different directions at the same time.
    As Cloward & Pivens taught: “Overwhelm the system” ——– that is exactly what is happening to the America we love.

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