We’ve all been there. Something disappointing happens, and the next thing you know someone’s saying…
“Don’t cry over spilled milk.”

While it can be a nice sentiment, why exactly do we say it, and what does it mean? No matter how you say the proverb, “don’t cry over spilled milk” or “it’s no use crying over spilled milk,” the phrase means that there’s no point to being upset over something that has already happened and cannot be changed.

On January 5, 2021 in a runoff of a special election, Georgia spilled the milk. It made a big mess. The results of that election placed Democrat, Raphael Warnock, into the  seat that tied the senate 50/50 and made VP  Kamala Harris the tie breaker. It was a sad day for me and many Republicans.

Are we still crying? If so, we need to stop crying and CLEAN UP THE MESS.

Let’s clean it up, Georgia. Maybe you have already donated a little of your time by voting early to help clean up the mess. If so, I Thank You and I hope you will still help me spread the word.

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

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