Brian “Jack-Ass” Kemp Reveals His True Colors

 “Georgia Governor, Jack-Ass, Brian Kemp, and all closet RINOS like him, including Chic-Fil-A owners, are disgusting! All of them are Hypocrites. Their true colors are blue! If there is ONE cool spot left in Hell, I hope they are all second in line!”

-Sheila Tolley-


It Is Fun Being A Republican…..LOL




The Editor:  Are Public Goods like Publix Supermarkets, LL ?

Free Cat:  No, AOC has a new name for Free Stuff.

The FAA and DEA are going to swap inspecting each others products, since they can’t inspect their own and not kill or bankrupt customers.

Treasure hunters get screwed by England.

The Tar Heel state has become a Democrat vipers nest.

The Venetians have a huge problem.

TE:  What can they do, FC ?

They can move.

Elder’s Mill Covered Bridge

WGN 10-108-01 Elder’s Mill or Rose Creek Built in 1897 by Nathaniel Richardson in Oconee Co. spanning Rose Creek, one span, 99 ft. long, Town Lattice trusses

This covered bridge was originally built over Calls Creek on the Watkinsville-Athens Road, just north of Watkinsville, Georgia. It was dismantled in 1924 and moved to its present location by John Chandler of Watkinsville by wagon. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 5, 1994.