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Bird’s Eye View



Have you watched a single minute of the impeachment hearings this week? I suspect that many Americans have tuned out because of the political bias shown by the Dems. Personally, I did see a few short sound bites from today’s hearing and it appears that the only adult of the panel of “experts” is Jonathan Turley. Turley is a Democrat but is a master of his profession and is truthful about the process and evidence being presented to remove a sitting President. He seems to be the one true scholar among the group. Turley has done his homework. If I were a student attending law school at Harvard, Stanford, or UNC I would be asking for a tuition refund. The three representatives from those institutions have tarnished their schools in terms of being objective witnesses. We should all be worried about what the law students are being taught at those schools.


Pelosi held a closed door session earlier today with her Dems to talk about the next steps. Aides and other administrative personnel were barred from the meeting. My take on this is that Pelosi currently does not have the votes to pass impeachment in the House. Don’t be surprised if these hearings drag out for a couple of weeks to give Pelosi time to break some arms and legs to change “no” votes to “yes” votes. I wonder what type of quid pro quo she is offering to her borderline members. It looks like Pelosi is caught between a rock and a hard spot on this issue. She wants to pass impeachment in the House to placate the far left members in her party. But she also knows that if this sham impeachment process goes to the Senate the Dems will be exposed beyond all recognition. She will no longer control the narrative and the public will finally get to hear from actual fact witnesses with real information. We will get to hear from Shifty Schiff and the Senate will finally hold him accountable for his previous false statements. We will get to see how the Bidens played rope-a-dope with Ukraine. We get to hear from the CIA informant and how he interfaced with Shifty Schiff and his staff. We will hear from the DNC rep sent to Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump. We get to hear from Nellie Ohr and her work with Fusion GPS. There are so many bad actors in this plot that the Senate trial could last for weeks or until the Dems cry uncle. Those Democrat senators running for President will become more angry and more upset every day the Senate hearings cut into their campaign schedules.


The Republican and independent voters who selected Brian Kemp for governor in the great state of Georgia must be having buyer remorse right about now. With his selection of Kelly Loeffler to fill the vacant Senate seat from his state. One has to wonder who his Republican primary challenger will be in the next governor’s race. I feel confident that Kelly Loeffler is going to face a very strong primary challenge from Doug Collins in 2020. The big question is how she will handle the impeachment process in the Senate. Given her record of donations to Democrat candidates she just might be the lone Republican to vote for impeachment in the Senate. This entire process calls into question the wisdom and capability of Kemp. If he were up for re-election in 2020, I am certain that Trump would support the alternative Republican candidate.


The construction of the wall on the southern border is starting to pick up steam. The recent gun fights in Mexico are a good indication of how effective the new border measures have been on shutting down the cartels. They are making less money on illegal drugs and human traffic coming across the border. So the cartels are fighting among themselves to secure a bigger piece of a smaller pie. Border agents are starting to gain a stronger foothold in many areas, resulting in the capture of more drug shipments and the arrest of cartel members operating in the US. Every mile of new fence improves the efficiency of our agents and decreases the profits of the cartels. Look for more good news in early 2020 about border security.


We are on death watch for cartels in Mexico and moderate Democrats in the House. We have a missing persons alert out for Chucky Schumer in the Senate. We have the Washington EMS on standby for Nancy Pelosi. And finally we hope to find the rabbit holes that Comey, Clapper, and Brennan have dug before the release of the IG report on December 9th.


I just ordered another large box of popcorn!!





Too Funny.  Castro says the New York Times and Washington Post picked on poor Kamala.  As mentioned above all of the candidates will be white unless they can get the Virginia Governor to attend in his ” blackface “.


The Editor:  What are the rascals up to, LL ?

Abandon Hope All Who Enter Here Cat:  They are the kind of hopeful leaders that made Cuba great.  What a bunch of losers.  Here are some examples of their stupid plans.

Kamala’s big statement is ” dude gotta go “.  So long Kamala, we hardly knew thee.

Biden likes to tell old stories that are best left untold— “dude gotta go” would be better.  No one wants to hear about kids playing with the hair on his legs.

Bloomberg, who just entered, is a fool.  One great achievement was his ban on large sodas.  The other is his plan to not investigate Democrats with his so called news organization, Bloomberg News.

The only good thing to come out of ” Mini Mike’s ” entry is another box is sold for short people to stand.  Usually they add The Bible and Constitution to the box.

What creeps.